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Eliminate Confusion ▫ Connect With Your Audience ▫ Turn Your Book Into A Successful Career

Eliminate Confusion
▫Connect With Your Audience
▫Turn Your Book Into A Successful Career

Orlando, November 1

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Do you struggle with marketing and selling you and your message?


Do you find writing your book frustrating?


Does the whole publishing of your book confuse you?


Are you struggling with how to turn your book into a successful career?


Does marketing you and your book make your brain hurt?


Have you tried before and your efforts flopped?


Is it time to revamp your website?

(Only 25 writers and guests)

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WritersImpact works for Christians Authors

If you want to turn your ideas into a book and your book into a career, you need WritersImpact

(Only 25 writers and guests)

Your Guides at WritersImpact


Dr. Larry Keefauver

– Bestselling Author &
America’s Christian Author Coach

Special Guest

David Youngren

– Bestselling Author &
Leading Marketing Consultant

Special Guest

David Youngren

– Bestselling Author &
Leading Marketing Consultant

Create A Buzz

Get ready for your book launch by learning how to create a buzz.

Sell Yourself & Your Book

Learn how to confidently talk about yourself and your book in a way that sells.

Create A Movement

Discover how to turn your message into a movement.

(Get The Personal Attention You Need)

What Makes WritersImpact So Different?

You have something special. Maybe it’s something you know, or something you do, or something you have created. But you are an expert. Your message, book and products have the ability to change the world. But only if you get it into the hands of the people whose lives you have been called to change.

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    WritersImpact is a one-day workshop (9 am to 5pm) to help you as an experienced or aspiring author to put your published material in the hands of as many readers, listeners, viewers, customers and followers as possible. We believe your project deserves the best, and will therefore help you create the kind of marketing strategy and platform that can impact the world! We have limited the workshop to 25 authors (or potential authors) and their guests so that we provide you the customized help and personal feedback you need to succeed.

    WritersImpact is taught by Dr. Larry Keefauver, an author/writer coach, who has written 15 bestselling books and published 60 books in 11 languages with over 2 million copies in print. Ghostwriter and editor for dozens of church and business leaders worldwide, Dr. Larry has received multiple awards and served as the Senior Editor of Ministries Today.  As America’s Leading Christian Writer’s Coach, Dr. Larry will help you write to the market, and show you how to develop a plan for effective writing, producing, selling and publishing you and your message.

    We are also delighted to have David Youngren teach at WritersImpact. David Youngren is an entrepreneur, author, international speaker, TV-host, podcaster, film producer and philanthropist. For more than twenty-five years, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor and transformational power of Youngren’s growth and empowerment events. As an internationally acclaimed consultant, David will help you develop a business and marketing strategy and the online platform you need to turn your book into a successful brand.





Alecia Petersen - Beauty Specialist

David really opens doors in your heart to finding your mission in life, and not only creating your dreams but living your dreams. The amazing tools and resources really helped me to experience my full purpose in life.

Marcus D. Lamb - Founder President, Daystar Television Network

A good portion of those in ministry and market place would love to write a great book…best selling author, Dr. Larry Keefauver provides just such a roadmap to achieve that dream for author….I highly recommend…

Daniel Kooman - Director of She Has A Name (movie)

When I first met David, I was an aspiring filmmaker with little more than a dream. David genuinely believed in me and showed me how to actualize my dream. Now years later, I’m traveling the world to make films.

Dr. Rob Schneck - President Faith and Action, Washington, D.C.

When it comes to the craft of writing, publishing and marketing a book, Larry Keefauver is the master craftsman.


What’s My Investment?

How many potential people can’t hear your message in the sea of noise? How much is not having the right marketing costing you? How many paid speaking engagements are you missing out because event planners don’t know why their audience needs your message? How many people are passing up on your book because it lacks the professional touch that you and your message deserve? Can potential customers understand why they need your book, product or service? With the right training, you can turn your ideas into a great book, and your book into a successful career.

Live Workshop

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$299 Per Person

Live Workshop

Two Registrations

$279 Per Person

Live Workshop

Three Registrations

$269 Per Person

*Registration fee does not include hotel accommodation

Live Workshop


$299 Per Person


What You’ll Get

An Extra Day of Consultation – November 2 (9-5)

(be a part of a group of 3 and gets hands on help with your project)

Exclusive VIP Lunch with Dr. Larry Keefauver & David Youngren

Premier Seating at the Workshop

1 Free License to WritersImpact Academy

Signed Copy of Becoming A Bestselling Author

Signed Copy of Beyond Limits

And more!

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November 1, 2019 (9am – 5pm)
135 International Parkway
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